At New Church we have always believed that a church is not about a building, but is made up of the people who make up the church. We also believe that God is calling us outside the walls of our physical worship space to care for others.


On 5th Sundays (months that have five Sundays), our New Church Community, family and friends will be invited to help feed unhoused, poor and hungry people. We will not worship in person, but will gather near downtown to distribute bags containing a meal, along with snacks and various hygiene items. Once we have fed all we can feed, we’ll go feed ourselves at a Dutch treat lunch.


If you worship with us online, we hope you might find a similar opportunity where you live – volunteer at a food pantry, soup kitchen, or distribute bags yourself. We also welcome donations from our Amazon Wishlist.


We will post a worship service on Facebook and our website that morning for our online worshippers.

Our Next SoS Days Will Take Place On: