New Church grew out of a small group of disciples who had been gathering together for fellowship and study. The group decided they wanted the study group to become a church and held their first actual worship service on Pentecost Sunday in a private home. The service was led by Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson.


By fall the church had outgrown the private home and began worshiping every other Sunday evening in a hotel conference space. 


In the spring of 2014 New Church moved into a storefront and former yoga studio in order to allow more flexibility in worship times, as well as to begin offering more study and fellowship opportunities. We also began worshipping every Sunday morning.


New Church began exploring the possibility of affiliating with the United Church of Christ, as a majority of our congregation had formerly been members of a UCC church, and Rev. Dr. Hudson had now been ordained by the UCC for nearly 20 years. On October 17th New Church was unanimously voted as a church with standing into the North Texas Association of the South Central Conference of the United Church of Christ.


After losing our lease in the spring of 2017, New Church was welcomed by another UCC congregation and began holding worship services in their sanctuary. After about a year, our two congregations began an experiment of worshipping together, and continued to do so for the next year.


During the summer of 2019, New Church was invited to worship in the Fellowship Hall of Greenland Hills, United Methodist Church.


New Church began 2020 with the same plans as many churches - to minister to others and continue to spread the Good News of the Gospel. We then found ourselves in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and face-to-face worship came to a halt. Since our beginning, New Church has maintained a commitment to providing a place to worship online, which allowed us to immediately shift to an online only model when called to do so.



In 2023 New Church celebrated our 10th anniversary.



Beginning on Epiphany Sunday, January 7, New Church will be worshipping in the Fellowship Hall of St. Paul's E & R Church, another congregation of the United Church of Christ. Same engaging worship, same welcoming community, same donuts and coffee. New space for the new year!





We take our name from the baptismal site of St. Francis of Assisi .  A church is built over the site called the Chiesa Nuova, meaning, “New Church.” We claim Francis as our Patron Saint and  take this as our name because we strive to be like Francis, who faithfully followed in the Way of Jesus. We also believe that God is always “doing a new thing” that we are called to be aware of and be a part of.