Wednesdays at 6:33pm via Zoom



For the Season of Epiphany, you are invited to participate in our New Church Book Club beginning Wednesday evening, January 3, at 6:33 pm on Zoom. Book Club with meet for the six Wednesdays before Ash Wednesday on February 14.


We will read and discuss the book Creating a Life with God, Revised Edition, by Daniel Wolpert. In recent years, interest in the spiritual life has grown stronger both within the church and within popular culture. In the face of a world filled with chaos, uncertainty, and constant change, spiritual practices and prayer shape us into people who can provide healing, love, and compassion in response. The twelve prayer practices in this book are designed to elevate one’s relationship with God to a new level.


The book is available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.


Creating a Life with God is a book that lends itself to practicing the spiritual disciplines that Wolpert covers. Some of our time during our Wednesday evening gatherings will be spent in the practice of prayer, silence, and the other practices covered in the book.


Come, gather with us, and invite a family member or friend to participate with you, as we explore this exciting time of growing closer to God through our shared spiritual practice.