As more and more of us are able to receive the COVID vaccine, and as positive cases and hospitalization rates continue to fall, based on CDC and local health official recommendations, IT’S ALMOST TIME TO BEGIN WORSHIPPING IN PERSON!

Our current plan is to begin welcoming people in person beginning Pentecost Sunday, May 23. Here are a few notes about what to expect:

  • Masks are required and must be worn at all times, covering your nose and mouth.
  • There will be music in the service and congregational singing will be permitted, but masks must be worn.
  • We will not provide coffee or donuts, for the time-being. As soon as medical experts indicate it is safe to do so, we will bring back this much-loved New Church tradition.
  • We will encourage everyone to register their presence, adults, youth and children, online through our website. Instructions will be given during the service.
  • An offering will be received as part of our worship for those able to give. You will be invited to give online using your smartphone, or by placing your offering in a basket at the back of our worship space. Instructions for both will be given in the service.
  • We will, as always, share in the Feast of Holy Communion during worship. A communion kit will be available and can be picked up from a table when you arrive. Instructions for receiving communion will be given in the service.
  • After the service, the safety measures still apply. Please refrain from farewell hugs and maintain physical distancing.