Even after we return to on site worship, we will continue to livestream our worship services each Sunday morning at 11:00am via our website, Facebook Live, and You Tube. Whether you join us in person, virtually in real time, or later in the week, we're grateful for your presence and are glad you're here!




As of Sunday, May 23, we have returned to on site worship. We are basing our current worship practices on the most recent CDC Guidelines. Here are a few notes about what to expect:


  • MASKS - We are asking that everyone, regardless of your vaccination status, wear a mask while indoors. Worship leaders will remove their mask while speaking. Music leaders will also remove their masks while singing.

  • SINGING - There will be music in the service and congregational singing will be permitted.

  • COFFEE - We will provide coffee.

  • REGISTERING YOUR ATTENDANCE - We will encourage everyone to register their presence, adults, youth and children, online through our website. A QR code will be provided to make this as easy as possible. Instructions will also be given during the service.

  • OFFERING - New Church has never "passed a plate". For those able to give, you are invited to give online using your smartphone, or by placing your offering in a basket at the back of our worship space.

  • COMMUNION - We will, as always, share in the Feast of Holy Communion during worship. At the ushers’ guidance, you are invited to come forward where you will be served an individually wrapped piece of bread and an individual cup of juice. Everyone is asked to return to their seat with their communion elements. Once everyone has been served, we will consume the elements together while seated. Individually wrapped gluten-free bread is also available, as well as individual, fully sealed communion kits, if you prefer.

  • SEATING - We will utilize our entire worship space and set up numerous chairs spaced apart from one another to allow people to socially distance.

  • WORSHIP GUIDES - Printed Worship Guides will be provided. You are also able to download a digital version of each week's Worship Guide by utilizing a QR code.

  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please join us online.