Our church has fared well through the challenges of the last two years. Our congregation’s generosity has been astounding. We have developed a vibrant online community and have people who worship with us from across the country. We also have a growing local congregation. But because of our members’ geographical distance, as well as the normalization of worshipping online, a lot of us don’t know one another.

The fact is that Community is life-giving—and essential to following Christ. As Paul tells us in Romans 12:4–5 - we’re better together than we are alone. And we want our local congregation to know one another. To that end, we have launched an attendance challenge for 2022.

We are encouraging everyone who lives in the DFW area, and is able, to join us in person on the first Sunday of each month so that we will all be together in one place. We'll worship together, and then go to lunch. Weather permitting, we will choose a nearby restaurant with ample outdoor seating. Of course, if you can join us more often, that’s great. But our hope is that as many of us as possible are together at least one Sunday each month so we can get to know one another and continue to build a vibrant Christian community.

We're also aware that many people are simply not yet comfortable gathering in public spaces, and certainly understand and respect those concerns. If this is the case, we hope you will continue to worship with us online, and join us in person when you are comfortable doing so. We are still taking precautions due to the pandemic. You can read the steps we are taking here.

Don't think that this means we are excluding our online community. We consider those who worship with us online to be an integral part of our congregation and we will continue to strive to provide an impactful worship experience, as well as meaningful ways to connect, for those who worship online.