Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation

UPDATE 4.27.20

Today the Governor of Texas issued updated guidelines that seem to allow houses of worship to begin worshipping in person, while still practicing social distancing. We do not believe that religious freedoms override personal safety. As much as we miss gathering as a church in person, we have decided that our worship services will continue to be ONLINE ONLY until we can ensure the safety and welfare of our congregations, pastors, and many volunteers.

COVID-19 Updates

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we will keep you encouraged and informed with the latest information. We are diligently monitoring updates and advice from the CDC to ensure the health and safety of all.

Current Status:

Our FACE-To-FACE church services have been CANCELLED until further notice.

New Church worship services are streamed live on Facebook, You Tube, and our Livestream page every Sunday at 11am.

Facebook Live provides a more interactive experince where you are able to greet other people, make comments during the service, and to virtually pass the peace at the end of the service.

We invite everyone to register your attendance, no matter where you choose to join us. Six people gather each week to provide our worship service, and this group is energized by knowing who is worshipping with them! 

Worship services are available on the same platforms later in the day or week. We're here when you can be here!

What the Future Looks Like:

It's becoming clear that there will be no "flip of the switch" to reopen our world.

New Church is committed to the health and safety of our congregation. We will not resume face-to-face worship until health professionals have ensured it is safe to do so.

Elements of worship that were a passing thought - things like communion, the offering, the passing of the peace, even sitting together in our worship space - will all look different moving forward. We are engaged in ongoing conversations around the topic of being together again in person, and how to do so safely. We are committed to re-examining and reinventing things we considered to be routine in the interest of safety for all.

Even when we begin to gather together for worship, we know there are a LOT of people who will still need to practice social distancing. As always, our worship services will be livestreamed and available digitally whenever you are able to participate.